T & T works in many service areas; risk management, environment, information technology solutions for biological treatment...

Izmir Alsancak Kruvaziyer Port Project
The project consists of increasing the capacity and functionality of the Cruise Port located in Alsancak Harbor.

Gokcebel Marina Project
The sea part of the "Gökçebel Marina and Social Facilities" project; in total a 540 m long main breakwater, a floating quay of 360m long secured by the breakwater and a 8615m2 of fill area and a 206 m quay in front of the fill area.

Fenerbahce - Kalamis Marina Project
An additional breakwater of 630m is manufactured together with the repair and strengthening of 500m on the main breakwater. Boat binding capacity has been increased from 1010 to 1700.

Izmir Pasaport Marina Project
Designing of the marina with 400 yachts capacity in the coast, and a yacht club with social facilities and an exhibition area on a floating platform

Turkish State Railways (TCDD) Derince Container Port Project
The existing berthing dock is organized according to the container port project. According to the project, an east-west strike dock of approximately 1000meters (water depth between -12 -15), and of a north-south strike dock of approximately 460 meters (scanned to -7 -12 water depth) are made.

Mersin Ataş Port Project
Mersin Atas Port structural analysis report was carried out by 3 dimensional computer based modeling. Bearing capacity of the structure was calculated for earthquake and other potential loads.

Güllük Container Port Project
3 dimensional modeling and structural analysis was completed for Inactive Gulluk Port within marine project studies.

Coastal, Port and Marine Engineering
We are offering engineering sevices to support the sustainable development for our social, economic and cultural worthy coasts.

Numerical Modeling
The approximation work of the coastal water currents, water level changes, turbulences, unsettled substances overflow and pollutant emissions.

Environment and Risk Management
In case of accidents which may occur in marine and coastal areas, as a company, we are providing advisory services such as risk assessments, emergency response plans, creation of maps of sensitivity and in environmental protection issue we are presenting new and natural solutions.

Oil/Gas Industrial Solutions
In Turkey Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan, T&T is the representative of Champion Technologies Company producing Oil and Gas Chemicals.