Turkish State Railways (TCDD) Derince Container Port Project

The existing berthing dock will be organized according to the container port project. According to the project, an east-west strike dock of approximately 1000 meters (water depth between 12 -15), and of a north-south strike dock of approximately 460 meters (scanned to 7 -12 water depth) will be made. The piled docks are planned as 36 meters wide and filling operations at their back is foreseen. The new dock of approximately 1000 meters long; depending on the ship size, will be able to give service to 3 post panamax and 2 panamax type of ship or even more at the same time. The container handling on the dock project of 12-16 meters deep and 1000 meters long dock, a 366 meters size of 166000 dwt post panamax type container ships are compatible while, for 7-12 meters deep and 450 meters long dock, panamax type container ships are suitable. With the new field aquired due the project, TCDD will use an area of 310.000 m² in the back field for container stacking. If this whole area is used only as container stock area, the annual storage capacity will be approximatelty 2000000 TEU. The container stocking area's annual storage capacity is calculated as 10 days of storage period. In addition, the intermodal cargo area where the container loading and unloading is realized has been also forethought to be used as areas like CFS area.