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FeasibilityThe work on a project technical, economic and financial possibility to be done based on long process obtained meteorological, hydrological, geological, topographical and multifaceted statistical information is called Feasibility Study. Feasibility Studies are extremely important to give information to the investors about the reliability of the projects. As T & T, we think we are ambitious in this area, referring to many of the past conducted economic and technical feasibility report we have done. Besides our works for private investors, we have also successfully realized many feasibility analysis as well as for the Prime Ministry Privatization Administration. Our feasibility study, related to the investor's investment , includes the investment: reason, cost and financing, capacity, location and gains to the national and regional economy and effects on employment, completion time, report containing the plan of work flow and other technical descriptions, measurements of current speed and direction of the field of activity and surrounding area, and the valuation of the results and graphical representation.  

Planning and Design

Planning and DesignPlanning & Design for coastal structures and environment, issues like, environment management and design, urban planning, construction, land use, natural recreation areas and landscaping The design, engineering, contract management and multi-disciplinary project management. Whole land and areas which will affect regional residents and workers  

Sea Measurements

Sea MeasurementsT & T with its expert staff and high-tech equipment offers domestic and international services of Oceanographic - Hydrographic - Geological and Geophysical Marine research. Our services include; Hydrographic measurements, Geophysical measurements and evaluations, Geotechnical measurements and evaluations, Oceanographic measurements and assessments, water quality measurement, Wave and Wind Measurement and Modeling / Engineering studies.  

Port Strengthening

Port StrengtheningDuring the preparation of the port strengthening calculation and application project, structure-soil-water interactions are taken into account. Every possible loads which may potentially effect the structure, even earthquakes, are included in the analysis in order to calculate the nearest reflection of the structure real behavior in the most detailed way. This is why in our country, the operative specifications for the construction on coastal and harbor structures are intended to eliminate weaknesses and strengthen of the structures to provide the desired performance level which is determined by appropriate strengthening method. In this context, strengthening the existing building project is prepared. The reinforced structure model and the analysis have to be realized in accordance with the specifications and the proposed strengthening adequacy is shown by calculations.

Numerical Modeling

Numerical ModelingAfter identifying the structure bearer system characteristics, a three-dimensional model is created. With the help of structural analysis programs, the modeling and analysis are applied for various situations. In accordance with the applicable technical specifications for coastal and harbor structures, numerical modeling of the structure is created. The performance analysis and the needed level of strengthening of the structure is determined according to this modeling.