Risk Analysis | Sensitivity Mapping | Emergency Response Plans | Accident and Risk Modeling | Waste Management

Risk Analysis

Risk analysis, of coastal port facilities and pipeline projects, for any potential accident.

Sensitivity Mapping

Acil Müdahale PlanlarıEvaluation and qualification of the coasts with high environmental sensitivity, and determination of intervention priorities considering ecological and economic values.


Emergency Response Plans

Acil Müdahale PlanlarıAccording to Act (5312) of Environment and Forestry Ministry of Turkish Republic on the Emergency Response and Compensation of sea pollution by oil and other harmful substances, Coastal and Port Facilities Risk Assessment and Emergency Response Plans preparation; Oil leaks Equipment: identification and supply of the material and equipment according to Emergency Response Plan; Barrier, Skimmer (Oil Skimmer) Sorbent Pads. Oil Spills Response Management: in long-term service contracts, monitoring and implementation of the service receiving institution's emergency response plan.

Accident and Risk Modeling

Kaza ve Risk Modellemesi

-Investigation and determination with the bathymetric and meteorological characteristics of underground and surface Water Resources under  Coastal Facilities influence area,
-Determination of Sea Water analysis results and Hydrological and Oceanographic characteristics of the facility’s coastal marine area,
-Capture fisheries, production, processing and evaluation facilities related fields descriptions, places and living resources; determination of the economic characteristics of these areas based on aqua cultural types and quantities.
-Monitoring the diffusion and emission due water flow of possible oil or other harmful substances mix in sea water.
-Identification of sensitive areas to be protected primarily according to the contamination spreading possibility, determination of accident occurrence probability(accident risk) related to type of accident,
-Developing  Intervention Strategies and Scenarios.


Waste Management

FizibiliteAfter a possible accident at sea, oil and / or other harmful substances post-response induced wastes are mostly contaminated with oil spills or chemicals. During the intervention, instead of liquid phase oil emulsions and oil-water mixture, it is possible to deal with oil-soaked or chemicals mixed solid wastes like sorbents, sand, equipment, plants and dead animals. As T&T Company, we are acting appropriately to the Environment and Urban Development Regulations (14.03.2005; Ofc.Jrnl.25755) Provisions', for the harmful waste occurred during any accident of oil spill or other harmful substances.